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What is a Root Canal?

It's hard to imagine anyone jumping for joy at the mention of a root canal treatment. If your dentists, Dr. Mark Crabtree, Dr. Charles Jenkins, and Dr. David Stafford, at Martinsville Smiles, recommend a root canal treatment in Martinsville, VA, it's to save your tooth. What is this procedure about and how does it help you? Find out below.

What Is a Root Canal?

Your tooth has hard outer coverings known as enamel and dentin, which protect the delicate inner structures. Your root canal is the hollow part of your tooth deep to the hard exterior containing blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues. Together these delicate structures within your tooth are known as pulp.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist removes the pulp tissue of your tooth during a root canal treatment. This dental procedure is usually used to treat extensive tooth infections and to prevent possible reinfection. Root canal treatments may also help treat severe tooth sensitivity.

While the tooth pulp nourishes the tooth during growth, a matured tooth doesn't need it to survive. The surrounding tissue can provide enough nourishment for the tooth. At the end of your root canal treatment, your tooth gets dental restoration to keep it strong.

Root Canal Procedure

You can discard the thought that root canal treatments are extremely painful. You have nothing to fear because, with modern development in dentistry, root canal treatments aren't any worse than getting dental fillings. After diagnosis, your dentist schedules you for your root canal treatment in Martinsville, VA. Anesthesia from your dentist at the beginning of your procedure reduces pain and discomfort.

During your procedure, your dentist extracts damaged tissue. After disinfecting the area, your dentist fills and restores the tooth and covers it with a dental crown. The dental restoration allows you to regain the proper function of the treated tooth and reduce the chances of getting further tooth damage.

When your dentists, Dr. Crabtree, Dr. Jenkins, and Dr. Stafford of Martinsville Smiles, recommend getting root canal treatment in Martinsville, VA, you don't have to be afraid. Call (276) 632-9266 to learn more about root canal treatments.

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